Why we can exist in our society and our country?
Why we can earn money from our customer?

Because we have the missions useful for customers and society.
So we think we are pernitted to exist in our society.
What are our missions?


  Our missions           

  1. We serve our service for customer's relief and safty of society, as a doctor of metallic materials and metallic hardware.
  1. We are not "Specialist"or a "investigator". We will have much concern with that we are "Supplier of service".
  1. We think, when we serve, most important thing is to explain throughly our action and result, and to be understood and satisfied by our customer.
  1. We are now still very very small company, but we will supply quick, flexible service.
  1. We can provide unbiased and uncompromised service to the customer, because we are private and independent and not affiliated with public society and other company.

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