We can offer following services 
1) We detect internal and external flaw without destruction for metallic materials and hardware.
                Nondestructive testing service
2) We examine strength and property of metallic materials
                Destructive testing service
3) We examine why your products are destructed or corroded and advise solution.
                Research and examination service
4) We calibrate your measuring equipment
                Calibration service


  1. Nondestructive testing service
Test method Suitable flaw type Our equipment
Radiographic testing cubic flaw 300KVP X-ray equipment
Ultrasonic testing Planner flaw Ultrasonic flaw detector, probe, ultrasonic thickness meter
 Standard&reference block
Iron bar detection Iron bar in concrete Concrete penetrating rader
Test method Suitable flaw type Our equipment
Visual testing All invisible flaw Flashlights,gauges,test samples
Visual testing linear flaw Ultra-violet irrediation light, magnetizing equipment(DC)
Yoke magnetizer(AC),Standard test piece
gauss meter,ultra-violet meter
Liqui penetrant testing Round flaw Test liquid (dye/fluorescent)(solvent-removal,water washable, post emulsifiable)
reference test piece,luxmeter,surface temperature meter
  1. Destructive testing service
Test method Suitable flaw type Our equipment
 Tensile test 300KN-2000KN
Unniversal testing machine  
 Tensile load/strength,Yield point/proof - load/strength,elongation,reduction of area,compression strength
Existence of surface crack(bend surface)
 Compression test
 Bend test
 Impact test  Charpy impact testing machine  absorbed energy,percent fracture lateral expansion
 Hardness test
(shore,brinell,vickars, rockwel,ultrasonic)
 hardness meter hardness,effective case depth hardened
 Fatigue test  Fatigue test machine fatigue life,fatigue limit
 Macrostructure  etching apparatus
cutting machine
 microstructure (test sample & actual) microstructure,grain size,nonmetallic inclusion
 grain boundry corosion
 corrosion test  salt spray test machine, acid test apparatus  sulphuric acid test,oxalic acid test,salt spray test
copper sulphurate-sulphurate acid test
 element analysys emission spectrochemical analyzer amount elements analized
 Positive alloy metal identification portable emission spectrochemical analyzer
X-ray element analyzer
amount alloy elements analized
  1. Research and examination service
  Unfortunetely if your products are fractured or corroded and trouble your customer, we research and examine why and how they are fractured or corroded, and offer solution of the trouble by our technical services,knowledges and experiments. 
    1)Failure solution service

   2)Consulting service for metallic materials
  1.  Calibration service
If length unit "1meter"is different in each countries, what happen?

Probably,there is no business between each countries due to confusion.
It is very important that lengt unit"meter is common in every country.
Equally,length measured by your equipment, gauge must be common in every country.
So,calibration of your equipment gauge is also very important.

We supply calibration service of following equipment,gauge or apparatus.
a) measurement of length
Ruler,Tape measure,Vernier caliper,Micrometer,Dial gauge
Bore gauge,Height gauge ,Depth gauge
b) Measurement of pressure
Pressure gauge,Pressure manometer,Balance weight pressure scale
c) Material testing machine and equipment
Tensile&compression testing machine
Hardness meter(shore,brinell,rockwell,Vickars)
Charpy impact testing machine

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