OUR ACTION            
We promise that we prepare and strive to improve next three resources.
Because we have the missions useful for customers and society. So we think we are pernitted to exist in our society.What are our missions?


  1. Manpower : "Raise our skill" education and training
  • Our most important resource is Manpower.
  • To raised a skill of our staff,we promise we permanently educate and train our staff. accrding to following flowchart.
   Estimation of ability
  • 1) Skills to serve examination, testing,consulting service
  • 2) Knowledge about metallic materials and metallic hardware
  • 3) Ability of communication with customer or other
  • 4) Earnest attitude toward others
  •   (customwer,other staff)(OPEN-DOOR)
  • 5) Fair,unbiased,precise service

  1. Equipments,facilities and infrastructures : Maintenance and manage
  • Equipments,facilities and infrastructures neccesary to service are maintained and managed for accurate service.
  • Especially,measurement equipments are calibrated periodrically by country standards or global standards.
  1. System : quality management system
  • Our management system is certified with ISO9001 by" Lloyd Register and quality assurance"in 1999.We maintain and improve our management system and evaluated favorable by our customer.

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